Our glass factory located in the heart of Murano, the famous island of glass, is equipped to accommodate large groups and school groups up to 80-100 people.

We are specialized in hosting groups, elementary schools, middle and high schools, but also groups of friends, tourist groups, companies and much more.

We have a large furnace and production area with stands for comfortable and safe viewing of the glass masters working hot glass.

The visit lasts 15-20 minutes in the furnace, the guests attend the demonstration of two techniques, the master shows the blowing of Murano glass making a vase, and the sculptural modeling where the creation of the classic glass horse is shown , everything is presented by our staff in English, Italian, French, etc.
For the lucky ones, usually during the weekly hours from 8 to 15, at the same time as the visit to the furnace they can also witness the real production of the most exclusive works that we gradually create for customers.

Adjacent to the furnace we have the shop with souvenir and the most exclusive works of art.
It is necessary to book the visit at least a day in advance to allow us to better organize the service, by contacting our customer service using the contacts you find below on the page. We will answer you as soon as possible.