Do you want to learn the basics of glass blowing?
Would you like to try glass blowing like a real master glassmaker?

We offer mini beginner courses to learn how to blow Murano glass, like real masters do.
Our 2-3 hour basic workshop lesson allows you to learn the rudiments of glass processing, and if you're good you can, with our help, create a glass flower, a blown artwork, a tumbler glass, a bowl cup or a vase.
Your creation can be taken with you as a souvenir, or we can send it to your home.

What better way then to immerse yourself in the Venice of the past and become a Murano glass craftsman?

So what are you waiting for? We are available to organize your first class, maximum 5-6 persons per class.

During the course you will learn the history and theory of blown glass manufacturing, with an introduction and guided tour of the furnace, the glass materials and colors, the tools of the master glassmaker.

You will learn the basic of glass making, how to create a sample shape of a flower, and how to blow the glass with pipes and shape it into a drinking glass or a vase.
All in maximum safety with professional protective devices and with our support you will have a unique experience, between fire and alchemy.

We are waiting for you, contact us and get all the information, using the contacts you find on the page below.

murano glass class workshop experience


    Introduction: (around 20 minutes):
  • Tour of our furnace, visiting our fused glass laboratory and glass grinding laboratory.
  • Historical introduction to the glass of Venice and the Murano glass processing, compositions, materials, colors with focus on glass blowing technique.
  • In-depth study of the Maestro's tools, glass blowing tools, glass master movements, and practical use.

Glass Modeling

    How to make the Murano Glass Flower (30 minutes  - 1 hour):
  • Performed by the glass Master, demostration of how to make a glass flower, analyze the steps
  • How to get the glass from the oven and manipulate the glass with a pipe rods
  • Handle and use the glass tools, glassjaks and tweezers
  • Student handcrafting the glass flower

Glass Blowing

    How to make the Murano Glass Tumbler (1 hours  - 2 hours):
  • Performed by the glass Master, demonstration of how to make a glass cup, analyze the steps.
  • Students handcrafting the glass using glass colors
  • Blow into the pipe canne creating the first glass bubble
  • Swing the pipe and shaping the bottom of the glass
  • Saw the glass and use the punty rod
  • Opening of the glass rim, shaping a tumbler or vase or plate

Each student will manipulate the glass one at a time with our supports, while the other students watch.


Student get a deep beginner experience of Murano glass making, from glass modeling to glass blowing, realizing their own glass flower and glass tumbler. Students will recieved our certification of partecipation at the workshop from the Masters.

certification of partecipation at Murano glass class workshop.


You can pick up the days later your glass creation, we can also arrange shipment to your home if you cant take it yourself, shipment cost is not included in class cost.


Number of partecipants, time, total price.

1 person, 2.30 hours, 360 euros (single private class)

2 people, 2.30 hours, 460 euros (private group class)

3 people, 3.30 hours, 670 euros (private group class)

4-5 people, 3.30 hours, 800 euros (private group class)

for big group over 6 people contact us.

Children from 14 years old can partecipate as adult. 

Children under 14 years old can be part of the class for free but not manipulate the hot glass.

Select your available days, Saturday and Sunday we are off.
class is only in english
Kids from 14 years old can partecipate as adult. Kids under 14 years old can be part of the class for free but not manipulate the hot glass.